Building Character in Children: The Early Learning Connection

Building Character in Children: The Early Learning Connection

How does building character in children help build childhood development and learning?

Or, as the Aspen Institute asked:

  • Why is it so hard to watch our children fail?
  • Why might a highly structured life for a child be a bad thing?
  • How important is our behavior, as adults, in the development of a child?

The questions were part of a presentation by psychologist Angela Duckworth, founder and CEO of Character Lab, who “explains how to raise a child with strong character.” Duckworth, who’s the author of Grit and a MacArthur Fellow talks with Jackie Bezos about how “young people learn to be grateful, vulnerable, and fearless by modeling the adults in their lives. Bezos is the co-founder and president of the Bezos Family Foundation.”

The conversation comes from Aspen Ideas to Go, “a weekly show featuring fascinating speakers who have presented at the Aspen Ideas Festival and other public programs offered by the Aspen Institute.”

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