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Early Childhood Education News Roundup

In the roundup: Asking toddlers questions while reading helps with their development; new early learning case studies for superintendents; and in Tennessee, an education group encourages gubernatorial hopefuls to boost early childhood learning

How To Get the Preschool to Kindergarten Transition Right

For children and their parents, the transition from preschool to kindergarten is an exciting and daunting time — and getting it right can make a big difference in a child’s education success down the road. The Education Commission of the States outlines the keys to successful transitions.

What Makes The Marshmallow Test So Iconic?

The Marshmallow Test has sparked debate and inspired replication for more than 40 years. Is it a true measurement of executive function skills and therefore predictive of life success for all children or not so for less advantaged children? Read on as Ellen Galinsky sorts out the original, and subsequent, studies.

How U.S. Cities Are Leading the Way to Support Early Learning

How are cities and towns grappling with a host of urgent challenges? According to Tonja Rucker of the National League of Cities, mayors and city leaders are testing cutting-edge strategies and developing bold solutions that place children at the center of every decision.