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How U.S. Cities Are Leading the Way to Support Early Learning

How are cities and towns grappling with a host of urgent challenges? According to Tonja Rucker of the National League of Cities, mayors and city leaders are testing cutting-edge strategies and developing bold solutions that place children at the center of every decision.

How to Nurture Curious Kids

Curiosity is a key part of early childhood learning. How can we nurture curious kids? The Character Lab offers a playbook with overview, facilitation guide, prep activity, and lots more.

New Film Explores Policies, Realities of Early Childhood Learning

“No Small Matter is the first feature documentary to explore the most overlooked, underestimated, and powerful force for good in America today: early childhood education… The film lays out the overwhelming evidence for the importance of the first five years, and reveals how our failure to act on that evidence has resulted in an everyday crisis for American families, and a slow-motion catastrophe for the country.”