Day at the Museum: Promoting Early Brain Development

An important part of any education effort is finding new and innovative ways to reach key “customers” – parents and children.

One example of unique outreach occurred in Denver, where Vroom and the Children’s Museum of Denver partnered to increase “access to information about early brain development.”

As part of the effort, bilingual brain building tips were placed “throughout the Children’s Museum in unexpected locations, such as bathrooms, water fountains, lockers, stairs, and the parking lot, to encourage parents and caregivers to make every moment with their child a brain building moment.”

Activities included:

  • Vroom tip stations located throughout the Children’s Museum
  • Stations for families to preview and sign up for the Daily Vroom app
  • All stations were staffed by Children’s Museum educators—with Spanish translation available when needed—and emphasized activities that families could easily do at home, with no added cost or special materials

Said Sarah Brenkert, Senior Director of Education and Evaluation at the Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus: “Our partnership with Vroom is helping us take what we know to be true – that parents are their children’s first and most important teachers – and weave it through the Children’s Museum in easy, accessible ways.”

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