An Offer Of Help From Sesame Street for Traumatized Children

A new initiative called Sesame Street in Communities is providing free materials, including videos, books and games to help parents and caregivers assist young children cope with traumatic experiences, KQED News reports.

“Sesame is better known for teaching preschoolers letters and numbers. But those familiar furry characters are also taking on tougher topics, says Jeanette Betancourt of Sesame Workshop. In the past two years, Sesame in Communities has addressed the incarceration of a parent and bereavement, partnering with local organizations to share directly with families affected.”

“In one short video, Big Bird imagines himself in his comfy, cozy nest. In another, Rosita, a green monster Muppet, punches a pillow to let out her anger. Sesame’s human characters, Alan and Sophia, play the roles of nurturing, encouraging adults. Sophia tells Rosita, ‘It’s OK to let your feelings out. There are safe ways to let your feelings out.'”

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