Roundup: This Week in Early Learning

In our weekly roundup, here are three highlights from around the web on Early Learning:

Education Week: How a School-Based Early-Learning Program Boosted Later College Attendance

“Preschool may be be good at offering short-term academic gains for kids, but a program that provided services starting at preschool through 3rd grade showed benefits for children that boosted their college attendance rates years later, according to a new study.

“Researchers examined the life outcomes of nearly 1,000 children who attended the Chicago Child-Parent Centers as preschoolers in the early 1980s. On average, children who attended the program completed more years of education than a control group of children. And those effects were amplified the longer that they remained in the program.”

Mail & Guardian: Innovative pioneers of early learning

“The Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU), which works mainly in disadvantaged communities to help young children to reach their full potential, is celebrating its 40th year.

“To kick off this milestone, we are paying tribute to one of the founders: author, former teacher, anti-apartheid activist and freeman of the City of Cape Town, Professor Richard van der Ross, who died on December 13 last year at the age of 96.

“He was widely known as an academic because of his leadership at the University of the Western Cape for more than two decades and as an author and prolific writer. He published several books that are now collector’s items. But he also made an extraordinary contribution to the field of early childhood development in South Africa.”

Education Week: An Early-Learning Strategy: Exploring Numbers by Counting

Natali Gaxiola, a pre-kindergarten teacher at Felton State Preschool in Inglewood, Calif., introduces counting collections to teach addition and subtraction. Students count and skip count everyday items such as spoons, keys, and markers.

Watch the video here.


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