Harvard Picks Finalists for Zaentz Early Education Innovation Challenge

The Zaentz Early Education Innovation Challenge recognizes promising new ideas and approaches that have the potential to transform the quality of early education and to drive lasting change and improvement.

The program, part of the Early Education Initiative at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, picked 16 finalists from more than 200 ideas submitted. Each idea was submitted to one of three different challenge tracks: Idea, Pilot and Scaling.

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  • Louisiana Early Childhood Leaders Fellowship — A leadership academy for child care directors.
  • PLAY® Interactive Choice Board (P-ICB) — A high-resolution, interactive classroom touchscreen that involves an avatar teacher-host with text, pictures, and sample videos.
  • The Beautiful Stuff Project — Bringing quality play experiences to all early childhood classrooms with easy-to-use, low cost treasure boxes full of small collectible and reusable items.
  • ESCALERAS — A training model that improves the quality of child care in low-income, underserved communities by bringing family, friend and neighbor child care providers who are English-learners into the mainstream early care and education profession.
  • Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) National Community of Practice — Extending the advocacy and technical assistance activities of The Alliance for Family Friend and Neighbor Child Care to create a FFN National Community of Practice.



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