Early Childhood Education News Roundup

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In our early education news roundup, here are highlights from around the web:

The Mercury (Manhattan, KS): Asking Toddlers Questions While Reading Helps with Their Development

Jill Keegan writes: “The best activity to develop early literacy is to read aloud to children, especially during their preschool years, according to the study “Becoming a Nation of Readers” sponsored by the National Institute of Education.”

“The American Academy of Pediatrics states that children introduced to reading early on tend to read earlier and excel in school compared to children who are not exposed to language and books at a young age.”

Keegan continues: “Early literacy is at the forefront of storytimes presented at the Manhattan Public Library. Dialogic reading, an early literacy tool, is utilized during these storytimes.”

“Dialogic reading essentially uses questions around the pictures in books. Using questions when reading helps to develop children’s knowledge, comprehension, imagination, and enjoyment of books.”

Education Dive: New Case Studies Feature Superintendents Leading Early-Childhood Efforts

“A program for 5-year-olds in Michigan’s Ann Arbor Public Schools, a partnership between local preschool providers and kindergarten teachers in Washington’s West Valley School District #208, and Texas’s Wichita Falls Independent School District’s work with community organizations to address the needs of young learners are profiled in a new series of case studies from The School Superintendents Association (AASA).”

“The case studies discuss a superintendent’s role in focusing on young childrens’ needs, the responsibilities of other key district officials and some of the decisions that had to be made to help more children be successful once they entered school. The superintendents — Jeanice Kerr Swift in Ann Arbor, Mike Brophy in the Washington district and Michael Kuhrt in Wichita Falls — are also part of AASA’s Early Learning cohort, an effort to help more superintendents strengthen their knowledge and leadership in the area of early childhood.”

“The reports also include recommendations from the superintendents, links to documents, research they found helpful and outcomes of their work.”

Kingsport (TN) Times News: Education Group Encourages Gubernatorial Hopefuls to Boost Early Childhood Learning

“A bipartisan Tennessee education advocacy group is pushing for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Karl Dean and Republican counterpart Bill Lee to give a clearer picture of how each proposes to improve public education outcomes. The group wants a focus on boosting early childhood learning.”

“’It is encouraging that both candidates for governor have expressed a commitment to prioritize education,’ said Mike Carpenter, executive director of Tennesseans for Quality Early Education (TQEE). ‘But with the majority of Tennessee’s third- through 12th-graders not at grade level in English and math, we’re hoping to hear more about the candidates’ plans to give children a better foundation by improving early learning achievement before third grade.’”

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