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We believe in the power of building kids' brains—building kids’ capacity to think, imagine, create—to ensure a more equitable future. In our work, we advocate for kids and families by weaving together #earlylearning and #earlychildhood communities with cross-pollinated research and news. We’re always listening.

There’s never been a more urgent need to inspire, create and support communities focused on the well-being of our youngest citizens by building an Early Learning Nation. The Early Learning Nation (ELN) hub can help.


ELN is a go-to source for:

·     Interviews with influential early learning leaders

·     News and feature articles that illuminate groundbreaking programs and studies

·     Digital storytelling, videos, engaging tips and resources from communities across the nation and beyond


ELN leads with science and makes that science actionable for all audiences. We connect with advocates, champions, early learning professionals, parents, scientists and community leaders. We invite elected leaders to get involved and we help equip them with the resources they need to build an Early Learning Nation. We highlight challenges and successes from communities across the nation and beyond. We report on what works, wherever we find it.


In the months ahead, we’ll share the Early Learning Community Action Guide that will serve up tactics, tips, lessons and other resources designed to help cultivate a robust Early Learning community. And … exciting news!  We’ll soon share the newly digitized Progress Rating Tool for an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide to help users evaluate their progress in becoming an Early Learning community. The Community Action Guide and Progress Rating Tool are a culmination of years of in-depth, cutting-edge research, tested in communities, from the National League of Cities and the Center for the Study of Social Policy.


Watch this space as we develop the Early Learning Nation hub. It’s a dynamic space—ever-changing, ever-useful—and you’re invited to be part of its evolution. Contact us for criteria on how to submit content, how to become a partner or sponsor, or simply to ask a question or make a suggestion. We want to hear from you!


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