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In October, three men joined the Hunt Institute’s Dan Wuori to discuss what it is like to be one of “the few, the proud”: a man working in early childhood education. The panel stressed the importance of men in this profession and how to make it more accessible and appealing for male professionals. Here are our top five takeaways: The early childhood education workforce is overwhelmingly female. Men represent 3% of the workforce; of those...

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Everyone likes good news, so it’s no wonder that when Mississippi went from being ranked second-worst in 2013 for fourth grade reading scores to 21st in 2022, the media kept using the m-word. “Everybody keeps on calling this a miracle,” says Dr. Jill Dent, executive director, Early Childhood Education, Mississippi Department of Education (MDE). “But we have worked really hard, and we were very intentional.”

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