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Mighty, Mighty Bosses

Florida Executives Apply Peer Pressure to Advance Early Childhood

“We as a nation are taking parenting seriously for the first time,” economic researcher Martha Gimbel recently told The Washington... Read More
ELN took great pleasure in covering the recent ZERO TO THREE virtual conference via live tweeting and Top Takeaways. One of its highlights of this year’s conference was the issue-intensive session titled “Infants and Toddlers Face Racism, Too: Science, Practice, and Policy.” To judge from the lively stream of comments in the Zoom chat, the conversation provoked a great deal of reflection. Read More

Jessica Meir’s Five Rules for Being a Good Earthling

One Half of the World’s First All-Female Space Walking Duo Returns to Solid Ground

During her 205 days on the International Space Station, astronaut Jessica Meir had a little green friend. It wasn’t a Martian, it was mizuna lettuce that she tended as part of an experiment. “There was definitely a psychological component of having something green we could take care of,” she says. “We also got to eat it.” Read More

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