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How and why do children become aggressive – or even violent? How can we understand the true causes – and recognize the signs – before they take hold? Kenneth A. Dodge, Pritzker Professor of Public Policy at Duke University explains the important research that can help children and families.  Filmed for Early Learning Nation’s Mobile Studio at the Society for Research in Child Development’s biennial meeting in Baltimore, MD, on March 22, 2019. #SRCD19
When University of Maryland Associate Professor Geetha Ramani and her colleagues visit early learning classrooms, they’re known as the “game people.” Ramani’s research shows not only the importance of teaching math skills, but also the effectiveness of what might seem like an obvious tactic: Make it fun.

Let’s Create An Early Learning Community

Wait, What’s an Early Learning Community?

What is an Early Learning Community? It’s a place where babies are welcomed into families that have all the opportunities and support they need to nurture and promote their children’s early learning and healthy development.
Preschool students build a structure with various interlocking pieces.

Who Supports Universal Pre-K?

A Look at 2020 Presidential Candidates

If the candidates running for president are a reliable indicator, support for universal pre-K—at least in concept—is popular. Of course, what federal action that support might bring is anyone’s guess.

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