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How often have you looked with pity on parents suffering through a child’s tantrum? Yes, like rubberneckers at a highway crash, it seems like everyone turns around to watch. Don't despair: tantrums are an inevitable part of life with young children. Read more from Ellen Galinsky to explore Executive Function Skills, Autonomy Support and 5 tips for managing tantrums.
For many of us, COVID-19 has completely changed how we work. Remote work might have its advantages for some, but when the kids are out of school and libraries and museums are closed, juggling two roles at once can be a challenge. What is a parent to do? As two developmental psychologists dedicated to understanding how children learn and play, these questions are filling our inbox.
Baby pulling stethoscope. Photo courtesy Mount Sinai Parenting Center
New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital is one of the nation’s oldest and largest teaching hospitals. They're upping their early childhoold development game with an online curriculum that demonstrates how pediatric residents can promote brain development and help strengthen parent-child relationships within the confines of routine well-child visits

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