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Colorado has fared better than many of our neighboring states because the people of this state have been taking this pandemic seriously -- wearing masks, staying at home, keeping their distance from others, practicing proper hygiene and protecting at-risk populations like older Coloradans and those with underlying health conditions. I’m proud that by-and-large, Coloradans are doing right by each other. We wouldn’t be making progress as a state if people were ignoring these crucial public health recommendations.
Gov. Laura Kelly
Child care workers and teachers are critical workers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, families have faced many challenges – including child care access. We know that if we wanted to keep essential workers, teachers, law enforcement and many other essential employees and their services functioning, we needed to ensure access to child care.
The State of Oklahoma is on a mission to become a Top Ten state for all Oklahomans. When we presented this concept on the campaign trail in 2018, there was deep support around this opportunity. We know that we must focus on our children and families for us to reach this goal.

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