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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Helping Children Connect with Nature through Gardening

Julie Cerny’s book, The Little Gardener: Helping Children Connect with the Natural World, is part how-to, part inspiration and part...
No, the quarantined home isn’t a foxhole, although parents and caretakers may sometimes feel it’s a battleground. We get it: with preschools and daycares closed for the foreseeable future, parents and caregivers are seeking engaging activities to keep the family sane and healthy. A great way to achieve both is by cooking together.
The good news? With increased research, policy, evaluation, tracking and funding for early childhood nutrition, healthy eating and equitable food access programs, we’re seeing a growing positive impact on the health, cognitive, physical, emotional and social development of the next generation. The not-so-great news? There’s lots of work to do.

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